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A message from Easy World messenger Julia Rogers Hamrick to you~

I'm so excited that you have discovered Easy World and!

Please leave a comment (below) to...

...tell us how you discovered Easy World and/or (it's really fun to hear how Easy World is spreading itself around the globe!)

...share your Easy World experiences with us. Easy World stories are sooooo inspiring! Your sharing your story may be just the thing that inspires someone to choose Easy World.

...or just to say hi! We love hearing from people who have discovered Easy World!


cynthia stopsen said:


Just wanted to say that my friend Linda Carroll referred me to you....and I am quite sure this will help me as much as it has helped her!


Judie said:

From sunny Southern CA ~ I found Easy World via Julia's Youtube presentation on raising your vibration. For many years I have exercised
'allowing' the Universe to handle things - trusting that it knows best - and it always does. But, as with us all, it's not an easy thing to always do and I have found Julia's "Easy World" to be a great method and a great way to remind myself to choose EW! Plus, Julia's method is SO FUN and whimsical which just multiplies the Joy of "allowing". This is a great method to share with young ones too because it IS so much fun and, well, EASY! I will be sharing this with my young adult granddaughters!! Thank you so much!

Joni said:

Julia, I've been getting your Love Letter From Easy World in my inbox for ---about a year(?) and it's so VERY RIGHT ON THE MARK whenever I look.
Just like a scoop of whipped cream on the top of dessert every time!!

Yup, there are days when my 1st response is "this is challenging," but I Breathe, Relax, Allow and then I Enjoy what comes next. And you, Julia, are one who has taught me that.

The lesson of letting oneself ENJOY life on the planet is *huge* for so many.

That ol' puritanical DNA we've got..aiyeee. BUT...and this is a big one: BUT, you just pop into your inbox, loved ones, and you take a look at the message today: it's *easy* to drop your psychological baggage!! --and POOF! the magic happens.

Delightful. Julia, whoever named you did it up right. You are a JEWEL!
Thank you so much...sending tons of love and light from the beautiful lower Hudson Valley in NY state.

Esther R. said:

Hi from Spain.
I love Easy World!!!! really!!!!
I've just discovered it three days ago and is the best that I've ever felt and heard, I'm totally hooked to the Easy World, fantastic, soothing, incredible.
I don't know how to thank you for sharing your experience and your knowledge, I'm sure it is the work of Easy World!!!! right? YEEEEEEEEESS!!! OF COURSE!!!I'm so happy!!

thanks thanks thanks and thanks again to you and Easy World and to all the people who believe in this and share .


Rev. Gary C. Herron aka "Sige-Jen I" said:

United States/Ohio
I am currently reading "Choosing Easy World" for the second time. I am a Wicca High Priest and Shaman. Your lessons are what REAL Magick is all about. Thank-You for your gift to everyone. I am enjoying the unfoldment of the Universe, without the struggle. Keep up the message and good work!!
Blessed Be,

Tessie said:

Tessie said:
I discovered Easy World a few hours ago, and was INSTANTLY blessed from it. I have been looking into a whole lot of healing modes and techniques - they are all fantastic, but I was getting more and more overwhelmed and stressed and unwell with all the information, deciding which type of meditation to do etc - which is of course the total opposite of the desired effect!
So I asked God for guidance and help because I was feeling this way. A friend posted Easy World Magic and I only just half-heartedly skimmed over a couple of pages before I felt myself totally relaxing, sighing, and letting go.....this is has been the best thing in years. Thanks so much Julia!

Lois Klempner said:

From W. Bloomfield, MI, after almost 40 years of studying Spiritual endeavors, taken classes in astrology, meditation, healing and have read literally hundreds of books on these subjects, I consider myself to be a metaphysical mama. One day a few years ago I was doing Google searches for daily e-mails of inspiration and came across Julia's "love letters from Easy World". I was so impressed with her concept of living in Easy World, I've gotten her three books, devoured them and have become a big fan of this lovely, informative, enlightened lady. As Eckhart Tolle teaches, "Be friends with this moment", to me, Julia has taken it a step further with "living in the Easy World where everything is easy". Thank you, thank you Julia, you've made a world of difference in my life. The DWD is lonelier now because of your words of wisdom. xoxo (:

Adonya said:

I recently received "Easy World Magic Lessons" as a present, and I immediately immersed myself in it. I stopped a couple of chapters in because I kept seeing references to "Choosing Easy World". My DWD made me feel like I was 'missing out' on something, so I headed to Amazon and made the purchase. I actually have to thank my DWD because I am thoroughly enjoying this book, and I find that I'm now more excited to continue reading EWML! "That was easy!" :D

happyaok Author Profile Page said:

I read about your book on an Abraham-Hicks Facebook page and instantly knew it was for me ... bought it within minutes and read the first chapter and it instantly resonated. I called my college daughter and told her about it! Easy World is a joyful place to reside.
Thank you for sharing your insight and allowing so many of us to find the life we deserve! In some ways it sounds silly but when you really relax into it - and stay tuned to it - you can see evidence all over the place. I've lost track of all the incidents that have occurred in just the past few days. Again - Thank You!

Arianna said:

Hi I love this book! I was ready for it! Its beautiful and soooooooo happy and positive. I am changing my life with it. Thanks so much for writing it.

Jackie said:

USA. My friend read Choosing Easy World & bought me a copy. We are both students of The Option Process, Happiness is a Choice. I love the book & choosing Easy World.On p.85-88 you talk about the DWD. I believe the DWD is our scared, Stuck Inner Child and the way to help her let go is to love and understand her. I have rewritten P.85-88 with that in mind and would love to send it to you. If you would like to see it, you can email me at the above email address. Thank you for writing Easy World, it is fun and helpfu.
Love, Jackie

Diane said:

I was staying at a very nice lady's house in Alaska a couple years ago. While I was there I ran into a very nice couple. The man told me about this place. I just found my note while cleaning out my purse.

Cory said:

I live in easy world, let the game begin.

Graciela said:

Hola yo soy de México y lei el libro en Español, desde el día que lo lei todo a cambiado en mi vida, en donde yo vivo siempre esta llengo de coches por todos lados ahora siempre encuentre poco o casi nada de trafico por donde yo manejo, además he podido hacer muy buenas acciones para mucha gente, y todo esta saliendo mucho mejor, quiero agradecerte y decirte que leere el libro todas las veces que sean necesarias ya que cada vez que releo un capitulo encuentro cosas nuevas.

Saludos y excelente dia , mes y años para ti Julia y para todos


Chris said:

Julia, what a great book--your Easy World and Eden metaphors make the world of probabilities, potentialities, vibration and frequency easily understandable to a mass audience. Thank you for reminding us that we can- and DO, everyday - CHOOSE the version of reality that we experience. And yes, it can be as simple as affirming, "I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy." Breathe, relax, allow and let the magic is so beautifully simple--such a blessing, such an amazing tool that can be used no matter where you find yourself.
Great work!! Thank you!

Kalli said:

aloha I'm in Michigan. I came here after seeing you in a Liz Green video and the energy was amazing. I have an amazon gift certificate and am going to order Choosing Easy World. So excited to explore relaxing and breathing allowing and enjoying as the magic unfolds! Thank you for high vibes--

Michael said:

Hi, I am from Minnesota, and stumbled upon your book in a strange way. I went to Barnes and Nobles bookstore with my kids, and when I was walking through the New Thought section, I saw this book sticking out halfway on the shelf. Something compelled me to pick it up and have not put it down since. This is the book I have been looking for. My whole family are now residents of Easy World (Sean-12, Danny-8 , and Carli-3). Being a resident of Easy World is awesome. I would love to see you come out with an Easy World Meditation/Hypnosis CD/MP3 with background music to help enhance the Easy World state of being. Thanks :-)

Yela said:

Hi there,

Well after numerous number of experiences I think it's finally time to post my very own experience to easy world to SUPER THANK Julia, and SUPER DUPER THANK EASY WORLD and all it's SUPER DUPER AWSOME RESIDENTS!

How did I find it?
Well it was right about that time my 26th b-day was coming/passing, you know the time when every one of your family members thinks of something mean and sarcastic to say lol, 1/2 your friends forget, and you don't get a single present but...

a $25 gift card to Chapters.
(BTW, this was soo difficult world) Ohh not to mention... your date cancelling on the evening of your b-day.. just in case i forgot:).

So, in the passing days, passing through all this grief and sadness, feeling as low as you can possibly get about yourself, I said, fine... lots at least look into this card because I love reading so much. At least that would somehow make me feel better:)!

Having read a lot about raising frequencies/sprituality etc, somehow I came accross Easy World's Julias Blog! AHA! I read a couple of things explaining it, the DWD, and in spirituality that's exactly what happens!!!! These entities take over and start sucking your CHi (life energy)! These entities posses people around you circumstances etc and the only effort is to suck your life force!!!! So it's actually other things speaking through them, THE DWD!!! So reading through what was being said, I was like OMG THAT'S EXACTLY IT!!!

The another side of me looked at the title and was like pffff, yeah right (now we know which side that is:)))) Ohh the DWD is soooo silly!!!

So somehow in the fear of my own self, literally hiding from my own shadow :), after my accupuncture therapy i ran up to chapters a couple of days later to get this book.

I remember reading this book in a park that very day, looking up, and as if the whole time just slowed down. And I saw the most beautiful butterly fly right in front of me, it was totally a message from my spirit!!! ( i had pleanty of these ) It was just marvelous!!!!Expecially since I haven't felt my own spirit FOR A WHILE, and didn't have these magical moments for a WHILE (Yes, I have been in difficult world by my own sub-concious choosing, lol).
The more I was reading the more the magic started happening. In the next couple of day, all these tax returns I was soooooo worried about how much money should I return this and that, it came, and they had a cheque for ME!!!! OMG!!! I was thrilled!!!! Hahahhahah!
Just one event after another, it was soooo profound!!! I LOVED IT!!!
And i mean not to even mention, these numerous amounts just showing up on my account, as if the money is not being even wasted!

Every time since then I have caught myself worrying simple thing I would say to myself was, ok well Easy World will handle it! And it always DID!!!

The other thing was, I haven't booked a vacation. I wanted one sooo bad, but nothing seemed to be working out.
I remember one day speaking to a coligue of mine from work, and telling him, ohh well maybe i just won't even take it this year.

Ok, literally 10 min after he left I come accross this amazing conference being held in Atlanta by this doctor that I am absolutelly in love, scorging, joy i cannot explain how much I love this person and their research ( like LOVE HER!!!) comes up, I look at my finances and well say to myself, looks like I'm going to Atlanta!
What was even funnier than that, I really wanted then to continue vacationing. I was going to go to Tampa from there, but then I saw some pictures of West Keys, and said to myself, why settle for less when I can have the whole thing in Easy World.

Basically now I am going to this super expensive conference (over $1000 enterance alone) hotel + flights, then to key west (found the hotel for $69 thanks to Easy World!).
Finances worked out fantastically!!! ( n keep in mind this is pricy stuff!!!)

Now when i look back to my b-day troubles/sadness, I totally know it was ment to be!!!!!!!! If one valueable thing came out of it, it's EASY WORLD!!! I SUPER DUPER LOVE EASY WORLD!!! SOOO AWSOME!!!!!!!I wouldn't trade all the parties, and all the things that I would usually do not ONE LITTLE SECOND for the discovery of Easy World!!
Ohh not to even mention then one day being out by the lake, and i totally SAW LOOKING AT THE WATER AND THE SKY THE VERY PICTURE OF EASY WORLD COVER!!! HOW MAGICAL IS THAT!!! EASY WORLD MAGICAL!!! HAHA

So that is my story of struggle and strife and how I found Easy World, or better yet how it found me!

I super duper want to thank Julia for writing this super awsome book and revealing this awsome knowledge to all of us. Julia thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift, it is a life changing experience!!! Truly thank you!




ana asenjo said:

hola soy de España y me encanta el libro y la posibilidad de elegir diariamente el mundo sencillo, yo intento acordarme mucho y cada vez creo que lo consigo más.

Imma Torres said:

I've just discovered "The Easy World" and it's been a magical experience just since the beginning, and before I had it on my hands... I won a contest where the prize was a batch of books and one of them was "The Easy World". When I applied for it, I "knew" that it had to be mine and that it was expecting for me to choose it... I'm experiencing now a real quantic jump in my usual life. I'm writing on this experience in my personal blog in Spanish: "Senda de Buscadores". And I know there's much more awaiting for me out there! Love and Light for you and thank you for this wonderful present!

leminade queen said:

I LOVE EASY WORLD...!!!..what a Wonderful life it is in easy world...!!

Elena said:

From Spain, with love..
Thanks Julia.

Thomas said:

Being a jodo shin buddhist for many years, I happened to listen to Julia on the radio. I simply heard what I have been practising for many years - faith in the Pure Land, also called The Easy Path. But Julias message and method was rather more realistic and down to earth than the vast buddhist tradition behind Pure Land faith, deeply linked to chinese and japanese culture. So I reflected: Easy World is actually the simple way for the modern world!

I have lived one year now daily opting for Easy Light and World at as many moments as possible. I haven't even read the book! Sometimes when negative persons or circumstances affront me I simply recognize - that is not going on in the Easy World. And very soon everything change and dissolve into laughter. I'm back at home, the true Home.

Existence itself can at each moment embody this Ease, it is grace indeed.

Thank you Julia for simplifying the eternal path!

JC said:

Why the title Easy World has cought my eye?
Years ago before I have separated from my husband,
one of the things he blamed me for was that I wanted everything easy. Little did i know I was on to something. I just did not wanted to be part of his world where everything is difficult. I did not wanted to partake in his Spartan way of life. To this day his world is just that difficult. I thank the day I got the courage to just walk away and walk on to the Easy World. Thank you Julia for the book I trully enjoyed it. It has confirmed what I felt long time ago was right.

Beverly Wahl said:

I was introduced to EW by a patient of my husband's and read the book. WOW! It's so easy to choose easy world and I think that is the beauty of it. It crosses all religious and cultural barriers so everyone can do it! Love this concept. It's easy and when I did it, it worked. So wonderful. Just what I needed. I asked for help from the creator and this is what was sent. Thank you!

Ellen said:

Seattle, WA
I have read this before (Law of Easy World) but had forgotten the EASE of returning after getting pulled into Difficult World. Thank you!!!

Katie Melton said:

I found Easy World about a year ago when I was searching the internet for positive ways to shift my thoughts. I have never looked back. I pre-ordered the book and waited (a little impatiently at times) for it to come and when it did I devoured it. I have shared Easy World with many people, some get it, some don't. That's okay because I do. I am even thinking of getting an Easy World tattoo on the inside of my wrist for those times when I am hanging out in difficult world and need that gentle reminder to nudge me back to EW. Truly life Changing. Thank you Julia!

MR said:

from USA found the book in used books store, easy to read, simple explanations of what Esther-Abraham-Hicks talks about in umpteen different ways.

Trav said:

USA... I'm a follower and believer .. Thx

Debbie Gracey said:

Naturally I found easy world a long time ago but was influenced by my surroundings involving difficult world. Back in September 2010 I entered a well known book store to pick up a few magazines for the upcoming trip to Lake Powell. After picking up a few of my favorite magazines (Interior Design, Health & Fitness, and Travel) I roamed around the book store (destination unknown). There on the table amongst a pluthera of books lie Choosing Easy World. I picked up the book, glanced at the back and without hesitation made the purchase. (Something in the book was calling my name.) I did not open the book or the magazines while on that trip... Simply surrounded by nature and amazing people brought me back to Easy World. About a month after returning from vacation I opened the book and read it at a slow and steady pace. Realizing once again life was meant to happen naturally and yet I forced so many things to happen in my life. I want to apologize to those who have been affected by the choices influenced by DWD and thank those who have inspired me (with or without knowledge) back into Easy Work where everything is easy.

terry said:

I dont know what a url is but am posting this I was referred to your site by an amazing man Im posting his name as I think he would prefer it I went in for a steriod injection the other day but before the day began I came to this website and the whole day went so easily walked out doors the bus was right there made excellent connections it was when I got to the place where they did the procedure that I forgot what I was supposed to move into made a call to a friend and it all got lost after that so Im back studying some more

thank you it really is easy but so many people make it seem impossible!

Anonymous said:

I'm from the US. I really love how this system ties in with the Secret and the Hicks' material, yet gives one more of a space to be human. In other words, it gives a way to deal with those negative, self sabotaging thoughts that are bound to pop in from time to time from DW. It all makes so much sense to me. Thank you!

Dr. Ricky Brown said:

Recently arriving in South Florida after 7 years in Costa Rica it's easy to imagine that the old paradigms can be transformed and that is how I came to find EasyWorld. Although today is my first exposure, I feel at home here because of much groundwork laid by Abraham-Hicks. A cyber-friend with common Abraham-Hicks experience introduced me to this site.
"How does it get any better than this?" (quote from horse pschic Gary Douglas). I know from personal experience that it not only can, but will.

Helen said:

I want to go there and stay there!!! Thanks for telling all of us how, Julia! Looking forward to more interaction with you!

David said:


Anonymous said:

Hello for Australia

Hello Julia , My friend Heather sent your details to me , Wonderful, what a lovely place to live.

thank you will look forward to more

Lynne F

B J Pike said:

I am in the USA. FB is where I heard about Easy World. Can't wait to read the book!

Janice Sears said:

Thank you for your wonderful and easy to follow books. I just found "Choosing Easy World" today and the truths contained in it resonate with what I know to be true for me on so many levels. I just can't thank you enough for making this information so easy and accessible. Finding your work at this time in my life is very serendipitous and really a little mind blowing. I love when miracles happen!

My Mother's best friend, Sally, told us about Easy World. Thanks Sally!!!!

Linda said:

I found Easy World in a Genuis Sparks newsletter
from Paul Scheele at Learning Strategies Corporation.

I love Easy World! I remember to say:
"I live in Easy World, where everything is Easy!"
Olympia, Washington State, USA

Camille said:

Hello; I just bought your book at Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon. I was so excited to find it! I think it is just what I'm looking for.

Scott Mielke said:

I just finished "Choosing Easy World" and really enjoyed the time that I spent reading it. I'm a student of Abraham and other teachers, so it's not often that I find much else that can compare with what is out there, but your book did just that!

I found your book at Barnes & Noble and ordered it from Amazon. I'm in! I love it! Thanks for such a simple and easy method!

Pat said:

Dear Julia,
I opened a totally unrelated e-mail one morning mentioning your book. I didn't pay much attention at first, but was drawn to it every time I opened my e-mail. I downloaded the digital version onto my Kindle and have been absorbed ever since. After 3 years of exploring many venues your book has put it all together for me. In fact I now realize how much resistance I have been putting out there, trying to understand it all. After reading your book I feel so happy and excited for ALL of Lifes experiences to come. Your right, when you committ to easy world a blast of energy surges through the body. The best part is you do start to discover the real you. You have changed my life--THANK YOU.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!

Joy said:

Dear Tom Sunday-
You win LOVE. It's all you need!



I'm sooo proud of you and all of the incredible contributions you are making that will certainly have an indelible impact on humanity's search for joy, inner peace and EASE!

Keep Being YOU!

From my heart,

Donna R said:

Hi, Looking forward to MORE...

Suzi Chauvet said:

Thanks so much for your site and your affirmation that there is an easy world. I have spend much of my life in easy world and now, when people ask me? How come your life is so easy and pleasant and mine is not, I know where to point them to.
Suzi C

Nancy O'Leary Pew said:

I live in Seattle, WA in the United States. My sister told me about your book and I am very interested in reading it. I just posted your Easy World page link on my FaceBook page, too!

LeeAnn said:

I'm from Wisconsin, USA. I found a link to the website in a comment that someone posted in a forum. What a nice and uplifting site; I love it!

Leigh Alexandra Cannon said:

I love Easy World!!!:)) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God, Constance, Bonnie,and Julia!!!!

Texas, United States

Bea said:

Who knew it would be so easy to find my way Home? I'm very happy to be back - in Easy World.

I am currently living in Columbia, South Carolina, United States of America

Dearest Julia,

Mmmm Easy World - I love that when I say it, it sounds and feels like a huge sigh of relief. Love love love it, and I look forward to hearing and learning more.

With love and appreciation

Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia

Dear EarthAngel Julia,
Just a short note for now:
Thank you so much for your God-Work!
with many blessings and much love
from Vienna, Austria

allison said:

I love the concept of Easy World. I also love saying this to myself as my resistance leaves my body and my vibration rises. Thank you easy world, I love living in Easy world !! Life is soo good here !

I hail from USA, Louisiana to be exact! And, I LOVE the concept of my world being an Easy World. Even just saying those words makes me relax. I can't wait to know more! I discovered this site through the PI forum. Am happy to come back for regular visits!

kim said:

This is my first visit and I'm so excited to be here in easy world! I have been searching for this -- thank you for being here.

Kellie Leech said:

An Easy hello to all you positive people. I like hanging out with you more than my RL friends who find so much so hard! But hopefully that will now easily change! I'll try to make it easy to leave them behind if they can't come to the party. Time will tell. : )

jawed said:

I am from Pakistan,I love your work for humanity & trying to make this world easy for us.If you don't mind OR it is my lack of computer knowledge you send me the same information many time.
Now it requested please let me know how can I get new information from your blog.
With Regards,

Kelli said:

An EW cookbook would!?

Neal Stewart said:

What a concept, I happened upon your YouTube videos about raising vibrational frequencies, as one who is a mystic of sorts, vibrational frequencies are something I'm aware of. Then to come upon the concept of "Easy World", fantastic. Very simple and so very easy, super!!!

Cindy - USA said:

Julia...absolutely loved reading Recreating Eden and BEing soul-filled with all the insightful messages you've graciously shared. Just today I was thinking how Easy this World is when we allow the simplicity of life to unfold, knowing who we are and why we are here -- to BE the change we wish to SEE; to BE-LIeVE in the power and potential within us; and, to choose love in each NOW moment.

Bless you for who you are and all you do :)

Barbyrah said:

Julia and Readers, I've got a story for you. It’s kinda long, but I think worth it.

First: Though I've known on an intuitive/spiritual level for a long time that Easy World did indeed exist...I’ve never really given it my all. (Probably because: not much reinforcement for it "out there." Allowed myself to keep getting pulled back into "Difficult World” – such a habit!)
Second: I faced a fear today...that needed to be cleared from my Soul as a way to move forward into this New Reality we’re co-creating. (So of course, I did things subconsciously to "trigger" a chain of events that would give me no choice but to clear it...!)
Third: It involved a system that is a core component of Difficult World: the courts, judges, prosecutors, etc. NOTE: I sense this is a paradigm unto itself that has innumerable ties to the “Big Picture” reality template of our entire planet - in other words, this wasn't just about me and my fear; it was also about “The Whole” and its collective fear related to this very powerful and potentially oppressive/intimidating system.
Fourth: Feeling the density of this particular system (and the fear within myself it triggered, including deep cellular memory), my commitment was to live in Easy World with the experience as much as possible. So...I did high vibing stuff, laughter, and repeated: "Out of this experience, only blessings come." I also sent waves of Love to my vision of this system, as well as to all the people within it. And offerings of gratitude for the part each was playing in this personal/collective release.
Fifth: While I'm not talking felony here - it was a misdemeanor along with a speeding ticket - that misdemeanor (with possible license suspension and even jail time resulting from my “crime” of not having car insurance) was the thing that triggered my fear. (I’d NEVER been charged with a “crime” before! Yikes! My ego was going crazy!) So I thanked the universe for bringing that fear to my attention, because it gave me an opportunity to bless all things related...bless, and let it ALL go.
Sixth: As I met people throughout the arraignment process, I sent them Love. Just pure, clear Love. And remained relaxed (90% of the time?)
Seventh: I also asked someone to come along with me who gives off a similar vibe, and he did so without hesitation. (Asking was easy, and his response was perfect!)
Final: Yep, you guessed it: The misdemeanor was dropped completely, got to keep my driver’s license, the fine was less than half of what I was told to expect....never even had to see a judge! Just an EASY, joyful, pleasant experience...! It turned out to be a GREAT afternoon!!! (Nope, not kidding...)
P.S. That Genuine Love stuff, along with a calm Heart...really works. Truly, I couldn't have been assigned a more gracious, fair, gentle prosecutor. (He’s getting a thank you card!) And even managed a smile out of the cashier as I paid my fine and personally kidded her/thanked her for helping me “clean up the spiritual mess I had made.” Her reply (through laughter): “That’s not something I’ve heard before! Don’t think I’ve ever been thanked.” Then offered a swami bow her way...more laughter. Even the person I first spoke with as the process began – I noticed how beautifully she had dressed, and the gorgeous colors she had picked out, and told her so. The response I got: incredible love and support.
Bottom line: Everything just "clicked" together. And the fantastic news: Hopefully, not only is my fear now pretty much released...but perhaps this will also serve as one of many catalysts that help release the fear within the collective consciousness as well (and might even trigger a transmutation within the court system paradigm itself to one of being loving, supportive, easy).
Blessings and ease to all!

Sharon Ann ReecePorter said:

I am so blessed to now live the rest of my life on earth in Easy World. I now send much love and light to everyone.

Elaine Barstow said:

Hello Julia :-) Just dropping by to thank you for the newsletter which I found in my inbox when I got home from work. I had spent the afternoon in Difficult World and your email has set me firmly back on the easy path. Thank you!

Michelle S. said:

I love it when I remember to put the brakes on negative thinking and change it in the moment. This morning my daughter and I both overslept, which meant she missed the bus and I had to drive her to her high school. We hit every red light on the way. Both of us were grumpy and snappish since neither of us are morning people. Once I'd dropped her off it took forever for anyone to give me a break to get out of the parking lot onto the main road. Once there, wouldn't you know I was instantly boxed in by slow, lumbering, exhaust-belching school busses! GRRRR! As we inched towards the traffic light, I felt myself getting even more resentful and out of Alignment. In a flash of inspiration, I stopped myself and (mentally) blurted out the first random positive thought I could get hold of: "Wait! I live in Easy World, where everything flows smoothly!". I'm not kidding you, right then the two busses in front of me ( the one directly front of me and one beside it) each put on their turn signals and turned off the main road -- one to the right, one to the left -- and suddenly the road in front of me was clear! Wow, that was an awesome "message" for the day!
Blessings and Abundance to All!
Michelle S., USA

Lynn said:

Hi Julia!!

I am from Canada and new to Easy World but plan on staying!! "I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy!!

Stan Schultz said:

I love easy world. No doubt you have heard the expression, Its simple but not easy. Why not both? Why not indeed! Thanks for an inspired idea, easy Genius!

I am a native Chicagoan, born in the US of A. I am an old associate of Marcy of Maui, and a devoted member of PI.

Giovani said:

Hi, Julia!


Just saw the Welcome Page, & it's the same layout that I enjoyed so much in the Newsletter Page! It may seem picky, but I really really like that layout of yours. I feel really really at ease, just looking at it.

Okay! Just thought you'd want to know.

Sunshine & Blessings,

Giovani said:

Hi, Julia!

Funny thing is, I've placed the Mailing List page in favorites, rather than some other part of the site, because I so enjoy the blue and white clouds motif & the whole layout! Just thought you might want to know, Julia.

As for how I found you, I go into full detail in my present blog entry:

Thanks, so much, for scouting the way to Easy World!

Ease & Blessings,

your brotherinlaw said:

your website has certainly gained much attention. Fantastic! Hope to see you and Rick before the Holidays...

Cathy said:

I can hardly believe this. I guess I just attracted Easy World to myself because it just showed up in my email one day. I am soooo happy it did. How wonderful to be reminded that I can just CHOOSE to live in Easy World each day. Thank you so very much for finding me.

Jennifer said:

I LOVE Easy World....! It is amazing what can
happen there... Thank you so much, Julia
Hugs, Jennifer

I always knew Easy World was a real place!

I just found you, thanks to my sister Candy Paull. She was so delighted to find it and I had to find it. When I have had time to explore, I will definitely write again.

Gemma Bauer said:


Mary said:

I'm from the United States. I've been enjoying your website. As I remind myself that I live in Easy World, my attitude improves and my life becomes easier. Easy World is a wonderful place to live.

Hi, Julia!
Its so good to be back in Easy World! That other reality had my attention for a while.
I'm putting a spot on my web site today for this site and your other one. I hope its OK to use your picture. People should see your beautiful smiling face!
Thanks for the joy you share.

Elizabeth said:

Hi! I am from the US and love the Easy World. I have been using the "Secret" for awhile now and have been enjoying the learning and the doing. The law of attraction is awesome. I was struggling today and have not been online for 3 weeks. Lightening ate my puter and my voip so my communications has been kaput!! Finally got a new puter today and went right to my email. There a friend had sent me a link Easy World and it was just what I needed and it was given to me at the right time. It definitely brought the joy back into my heart and I feel great! The blessings in my life just keep coming and I am grateful for all of the knowledge that has been given me and I plan on spreading the Easy World way of life far and wide. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Hope to be a regular visitor and I plan on living in Easy World for the rest of this adventure that I am living in right now and beyond.


Shannon said:


I am brand new to Easy World and I am so pleased to have found it...I feel more in control now-and that I have a simple and effective way to control stress and negativity in my life....It almost seems too "easy", yet it is really so powerful....I will definitely stay in Easy World...

Cynthia said:

I came in from the Wild Harvest site where you had a testimonial about Release essential oil blend, Julie. I've been fretting all day long inspite of having the most amazing tools right in my head at all times... I just began to sing "I live in Easy World..." and presto! I did-- it feels a little like a spoof on a 1950's Proctor and Gamble commercial, but it works, by gum, it works! I'm going off to Toastmasters to tell my buddies there...

Bret Raper said:

A great site. -United States

jason said:

more like hard world.. why do u think its sooo easy?

Elizabeth Caton said:

I stumbled upon your site last week and have since found myself saying to myself (and occasionally to my baffled husband), "I live in easy world, where everything is easy." The most amazing thing is that so far, it is working--when I feel stressed and I say this, I relax. Thank you for having this incredibly positive website.

Leeloo said:

I read your thread in the Secret Forum and it's the best thing I've found to stop worry and negative thoughts. Ever time I just say "That won't happen in easy world" and I can get on with feeling great....thanks so much!

Parise said:

Hello Julia!
Thought I'd drop by and remind everyone here that Easy World has helped bring me to a place of ease...that was pretty creative
The snow storms, the exams, the daily miracle of life - all run smoothly when Easy World is activiated.
You know - my way of getting into this place of joy, is by living NOW - within.
May this precious moment be a glimps of the magic of Easy World!
Love & an inside job...Parise

Rick said:

Love the new guestbook feature!

It's great to have an additional place for people to make contact, other than the venerable Easy World forum inside

FRITZM said:


Julia said:

Tom! You ARE the first!

That's your prize--just the honor of being #1.


Thanks for stopping by!

Tom Sunday said:

So, am I first? What do I win?

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