Don't let the Difficult World Dictator rob you of your precious sleep and keep you out of Easy World where you belong!

The beautiful world that Love creates is ready and waiting for you to allow its healing, soothing, peaceful energy to melt your stress away and work its powerful magic on your life.

Have you ever climbed into bed, ready to take refuge from the stresses of the day, only to find that the Difficult World Dictator has crawled in with you? And he's insisting that you dwell on your problems or your work or your fears or your upcoming plans or any number of other things that keep you from a restful, restorative sleep?

You can't force him out of bed—you know how he thrives on resistance. No—the only way to get him to leave you alone is to escape him. But how, when he's so busy using every trick in his repertoire to keep you in Difficult World?

You need to get yourself to Easy World.

Or maybe the DWD isn't the problem, but for whatever reason, you can't seem to let go into sleep. You just need a way to relax.

Julia Rogers HamrickI'm Julia Rogers Hamrick, the Easy World® Messenger, and I'm excited to introduce my newest creation for helping you thrive in Easy World: it's the guided meditation audio that so many of you have been asking for! And it's…

Relax Into Easy World with Julia Rogers Hamrick

This meditation is designed to relax you into the peaceful, harmonious world that Love creates. It is meant to be listened to at bedtime so you can let go, melt into comfort, and sleep peacefully until time to awaken.

With gorgeous, original music composed in Easy World, and with my words, written and spoken in Easy World, Relax Into Easy World is steeped in Easy World energy (also known as Love). This will provide you with nearly instant passage into the peaceful, healing, secure world that Love creates!

I believe you'll feel the Easy World magic at work right away. And if your experience is like mine, you won't often—if ever—hear the ending of the meditation. You'll be long gone by then into the blissful world that exists beyond the realm of words! But if you are still awake to hear the words, lovingly chosen to help you feel enfolded by Love, I believe they will comfort and soothe you.

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Relax Into Easy World ushers you into alignment with the Divine Design for Harmony where your vibration rises effortlessly to the level of joy and above. You'll feel like you're floating—blissfully floating—in Love, allowing the currents of Love to take you deeper into Easy World.

But Easy World is not only the realm of bliss, it's also the realm of healing and transformation. This meditation, which includes empowering affirmations that begin once you've been led deeply into Easy World through progressive relaxation, provides your mind and body with reinforcement for the healing and transformation that naturally takes place while you're relaxing in Easy World.

Here are just a few of the many affirmations included in Relax Into Easy World:

"I AM in Easy World where my well-being is completely supported."

"The healing power of Easy World is now restoring every cell of my body to its natural, perfect design for health."

"I AM in Easy World where my heart's desires are fulfilled."

"I AM in Easy World where I always know what to do and when to do it."

"My whole self—every cell and fiber of my being—is now being infused with my Spirit and the essence of Love that I AM."

These affirmations set you up for experiencing Easy World even once you awaken in the morning because...

When you wake up in Easy World, you're on your way to a great day filled with harmony, happiness, productivity and delightful surprises!

Getting enough quality sleep is essential for being in Easy World—and being in Easy World is essential for getting quality sleep.

You may have noticed that you're particularly vulnerable to the Difficult World Dictator when you haven't had enough sleep. Because Relax Into Easy World helps you sleep deeply and peacefully, it can be your ticket to spending more of your life—both asleep and awake—in Easy World, where life is sweet, harmony reigns, and the fulfillment of your heart's desires is assured! Forget Difficult World!

When you wake up in Easy World, your day not only gets off to a great start, with the Easy World affirmations in your subconscious, you have the reinforcement you need to stay in Easy World!

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Obviously, a refreshing sleep in Easy World is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS, so you'll be happy to know that you can get an unlimited number of Easy World sleeps for a mere fraction of the cost of a bottle of prescription sleeping pills, and without the crazy--and dangerous—side effects!

Listen to a sample of Relax Into Easy World
This sample (4:39) is taken from 2 different sections of the meditation—the very beginning and then about 17 minutes into the recording, after I have led you in a progressive relaxation sequence.

"What an awesome meditation CD!! The best yet out of my whole collection of positive tools. Great work!"

Michael D., Buffalo, MN

"Just had 9 peaceful hours of sleep! Incredible!...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

Susan S., Kansas City, MO

"I have listened to Relax Into Easy World every night since I got it. How wonderful and peaceful and effective! It is now my preferred way to go to sleep (which was usually a Difficult World thing for me)."

Phyllis K., Fairfield, IA

"I use A LOT of these types of programs, and I have NEVER been so profoundly relaxed, peaceful and blissful in my entire life, except maybe in the middle of an extremely relaxing massage. The music is deeply relaxing and yet so unobtrusive. Perfect meditation music. It is all I could have hoped for and more as an aid to get into Easy World. It is AMAZING!!!!"

Donetta R., Saitama, Japan

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