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Easy World Tools

Easy World Magic Lessons
How I Learned to Trust the Universe and How You Can, Too, Book 1
by Julia Rogers Hamrick

Inspiring, uplifting, personal accounts of Julia's magical spiritual awakening and development and the transformational lessons to be drawn from them. Nook folks click here.

Choosing Easy World
A Guide to Opting Out of Struggle and Strife and Living in the Amazing Realm Where Everything is Easy
by Julia Rogers Hamrick

Choosing Easy World is the quintessential guide to Easy World. Until you've read it, you'll only have a partial understanding of this amazing realm and how to stay in it!

My Easy World Daybook  
A Power Tool for Creating My Easy World Life Day by Day

This interactive tool, created by Easy World® Messenger, Julia Rogers Hamrick, offers you a sure-fire way to start your day in Easy World so you can create a magical, harmonious, Easy World day and a life of ease and joy!

Relax Into Easy World
A Guided Meditation for Deep Relief, Peaceful Sleep and Radiant Renewal In the World that Love Creates

You'll melt into a peaceful, restful, healing sleep and wake up refreshed in the world that Love creates when you go to bed with this beautiful guided meditation featuring Easy World® Messenger, Julia Rogers Hamrick, and the magical meditation music of Donna Michael. Includes potent Easy World affirmations for continuing empowerment. Available as a digital download.

Spirit-Filled Seminar Recordings
by Easy World® Messenger Julia Rogers Hamrick 

Learn and be inspired by some of Julia's most popular teleseminars, filled with Spirit-guided insights and plenty of potent, transformational energy! (Currently available as digital downloads only)

Recreating Eden
The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan for Transforming Your Life and Your Planet
by Julia Rogers Hamrick

Paradise is not a piece of real estate—it's a reality state that you can experience by aligning with Source and being Who You (truly) Are. The map back to The Garden is contained in Julia's powerful, 5-star rated first book, inspired by her own experience of spontaneous cosmic consciousness.

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