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How Easy World was rediscovered

What is Easy World?

You don’t have to know any of the following for Easy World to work for you, but if you have a left brain that insists on understanding how things work, and on knowing the “rules,” then this section is for you!

Easy World is the reality matrix set up to entirely support your well-being and harmonywith the Whole of Creation. When you are in the Easy World reality, harmony and ease prevail and things work out as if by magic. Easy World is the home of what we consider to be “magic,” but magic is nothing special in Easy World—it is normal. Underlying Easy World is the Divine Design for Harmony and Wholeness.

Easy World is a powerful magnetic force that is continually pulling you to it. As long as you relax and allow yourself to align with Easy World, you are there. The only way to be out of Easy World is through resistance—through not allowing it. Whenever you focus on difficulty, fear, or anything not aligned with Easy World, you automatically align yourself with Difficult World and are pulled out of Easy World. But re-entering Easy World is…easy! It’s a simple matter of relaxing and allowing the power of Easy World to pull you back into alignment.

The magic phrase for bringing yourself into the Easy World reality is “I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.” Or, simply, “I live in Easy World.” This is useful when your ego mind, the aspect of you that is resistant to Easy World, needs to have something tangible to use to shift the focus from Difficult World to Easy World. While you will very likely find other favorite techniques and phrases that work well for you, this is the phrase provided to Julia by Divine Intelligence and has proven to be consistently effective.

There is absolutely no struggle, worry, or effort in Easy World. In Easy World, everything is taken care of smoothly and with ease. Anything you do in Easy World is motivated by inspiration from the aspect of you that is in perfect alignment with Source. This Wise You is completely aware of the Whole and what actions coordinate perfectly with the Divine Design for Harmony.

Only harmonious, inspired, easy action factors into Easy World. In Easy World, you always know what to do and when to do it by paying attention to when you feel energy motivating you from within, and when you do not. If you do something that is not inspired, you are simply no longer in Easy World.

Shoulds and ought-tos and other fear-based motivators, are not Easy World phenomena. If you are not inspired and energized to act, it either means that:

  • it’s not yet time to do whatever you are perceiving needs to be done
  • or, it’s not yours to do and someone else will be doing it
  • or, it doesn’t need to be done at all.

In Easy World, you only take action when you are inspired to and are feeling no resistance to doing whatever it is.

If you find yourself struggling, worrying, trying to figure things out, trying to control or otherwise engaged in difficulty, you are no longer in Easy World. Easy World is self-monitoring. By virtue of your alignment, or lack thereof, with the principles of Easy World, you are either choosing to be in it or out of it. Struggle of any kind, including worrying, means you have left Easy World and is a sign to use the Easy World invocation (“I choose to live in Easy World”) to return.

Easy World is accessed by relaxing, letting go of control (or the illusion of it), and knowing that everything is working out just right. Easy World is set up to always support you in having the harmonious, easy, joyful experience you desire—all you have to do is allow that to come to fruition. Allowing is key to being in Easy World.

Easy World is a present time phenomenon. You can’t be in Easy World when you are focusing on potential difficulty (future) or your experience of how things didn’t work out at sometime in the past. When you are out of Easy World and finding yourself in doubt, it can be beneficial to remember how things have worked out for you in Easy World at another time as a technique for returning to Easy World, but when you are in Easy World itself, you are focused in the moment.

A primary sign of being in Easy World is the experience of joy. Joy and ease are constant companions. When you relax, trust in Divine Timing and Order, and allow the Universe to operate on your behalf to support your well-being, joy is guaranteed. If you’re experiencing anything less than joy, you know you are in Difficult World. Joy is the emotional state that prevails in Easy World!

To find out the single-most important thing to know about Easy World, be sure to read "The Law of Easy World."

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