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The Key to Easy World is yours

Life does not have to be hard. Indeed, it was originally set up to be easy. Human beings have largely lost touch with this, but that does not mean Easy World is any less accessible than it ever was.

It is as easy to be in Easy World as making a conscious choice to enter it.

To enter Easy World, simply say,

“I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.” *

Then just breathe, relax your body, and allow yourself to be pulled into alignment by the powerful magnetic force of the Divine Design for Harmony.

As you do, universal forces are able to operate onyour behalf without interference, and all you need do is enjoy the process of life unfolding harmoniously and with ease.

That’s it! It’s that easy. The ticket to a life of ease. And where there is ease, there is always joy!

Choosing to live in Easy World is the way to say goodbye to hassle, stress, struggle, worry, concern, and disharmony, and say hello to ease, joy, harmony and peace.

Sound too good—too easy—to be true? Only your ego-mind thinks that. Your Wise Self knows it’s the way it is meant to be.

I challenge you to prove that it does work!

Be sure to read the enthusiastic endorsements from people who have found choosing Easy World to be life changing!

*Once you’ve experienced Easy World, you can usually just say, “I live in Easy World” to find yourself back there again.

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