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The Rediscovery of Easy World

My awareness of Easy World came about, appropriately, in the easiest possible way. It was about 4:20 in the morning—you know, that time when you wake up and start thinking about the pile of things facing you and it’s too early to do anything about whatever you’re worried about so you just lie there stewing.

My husband, Rick, and I had just the evening before clinched our decision to install an Endless Pool in our garage, had met with the installer, and set a timeline. While this was a dream coming true (I had been wanting one for almost 20 years and knee problems had made it a necessity), it was going to require a whole lot more than just setting up a pool in the garage!

I won’t name all the items on the mile-long list of things that needed to be moved, excavated, cleaned, built, and installed, but it was a mammoth-seeming undertaking requiring multiple tradespeople including concrete contractors, building contractors, electrical contractors, and so on, all needing to be perfectly coordinated to get everything done by the time the pool arrived to be installed. There was a whole pile of additional factors, too, including winter weather, frozen ground, and the timing of other home improvement projects that had already been scheduled.

Consider my anxiety about coordinating all this, and you have some sense of my state upon retiring thatnight. My past experience with contractors had been that not many were interested in small jobs, so I dreaded trying to get anyone to say they’d be willing to do the work, not to mention orchestrating it all so it got done in the right sequence and on time. So I went to bed that night in a knot of concern, but not before I filled out a few requests with ServiceMagic.com as a way to at least feel I was doing something, even though it was late at night. I planned to start the uncomfortable task of getting out the phone book and making calls the next day.

As is my habit as a night owl, I went to bed around 2 a.m., and when I woke up at 4:20, all of this was on my mind. As I lay there trying to figure out how in the world I was going to get this to all happen the way it needed to, I heard an inner whisper, “You know, Julia, you could just choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.”

Easy World??? I was too exhausted from too much worry and too little sleep to question it, and I thought, “What the heck?!” and realized at that point, I might as well let go. So I said, “Okay. I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.” I then rolled over and promptly fell asleep and slept in complete peace!

By the time I woke up mid-morning and got to my desk, I had emails and calls from multiple contractors for each job that needed doing! I not only did not have to beat the bushes for people willing to do the work, I had an abundance of people lined up to do it! We met with the first contractor who had contacted us about doing the concrete, and it turned out that not only did we feel very comfortable with him, he and his crew could start immediately, do almost everything we needed, including all the carpentry, and most amazing of all, taking all the stuff out our garage—no small feat with a pallet of books that needed to go to the basement—and do the moving at no charge just so they could go ahead and get to work!

Easy World? I was catching on!

I had multiple experiences that day of what living in Easy World is about. From traffic to shopping to dealing with contractors, it was made clear to me that choosing to be in Easy World was absolutely the way to go! Naturally, in my delight, I made a blog entry about my discovery of Easy World, and then I posted a link to the blog entry on The Secret Forum at the Powerful Intentions community.

From there, things began to really take off. Much to my surprise, people were comprehending what Easy World is with little or no explanation! In a matter of days, that blog entry had gotten the most comments of any I’d ever written, and the thread on The Secret Forum immediately had dozens of posts from people excited over Easy World! As of this writing, that thread has hundreds of posts to it.

I decided that it would be fun to create some products for people—myself, chief among them—to buy to help them remember to be in Easy World, so one Saturday, I sat down and created an Easy World logo—very quickly and easily, of course—and created a Café Press store called “Easy World Boutique,” with items from mugs and mousepads, to tee-shirts and clocks. Immediately, people began to scoop up the products and ask for more Easy World items!

As the excitement over the Easy World concept kept growing, and the thread on The Secret Forum grew to match, it became clear that creating an Easy World Forum was the next step. It was an instant hit, and right away, had dozens of participants. When many people expressed the desire for the message to “go big,” the next logical step was the creation of a dedicated Easy World web site for the furthering of the Easy World message. Thus, “ILiveInEasyWorld.com” was born.

It is remarkable to me how rapidly, not to mention, easily, Easy World is making itself known and remembered in human consciousness. It is almost as if the name “Easy World” is encoded in people’s DNA and when they hear it, they go, “OH! I remember now—life is intended to be easy, and it is, when I allow it to be.” Even people with no metaphysical inclination connect with Easy World. As one Easy World forum member so colorfully and aptly put it, “Everybody, and I mean everybody, is receptive to Easy World. If they were dogs you could see their ears prick up.” I have observed that phenomenon over and over as well.

I know that the Easy World reality has been accessible to humanity since its inception and that it’s the reality in which we were designed to thrive. I know that it is the reality in which we will be able to experience a level of joy we have not experienced since we first departed from Easy World. In fact, I have been writing and teaching about this reality for years, but until the name “Easy World” was implanted in my consciousness, and I shared my story of it, it was only reaching a relative few.

It would seem that the time has come for all of us to remember Easy World, and to realize that we always have a choice to be in it or not. I am excited to watch the continuing unfolding of this awakening to Easy World—this very easy awakening—and I’m so happy you are sharing this exciting adventure with me!




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